Asiana Couture Catwalk 2013

One of the biggest questions we get asked is "What do I wear for a wedding I am a guest at?". So we decided to showcase our hot picks for the biggest trends to wear when attending weddings, at the Asiana Couture Catwalk...

Lenghas – The Next Big Thing

The lengha is back. Big time. With striking borders, embellished motifs and great umbrella skirts for movement, this silhouette is a style must for all occasions!

lenghas catwalk

Have you heard of half and half sarees?

The half and half saree trend is still strong – it makes for unique sarees and its a great way to mix in multiple colours, prints and textures in a saree. A half and half saree literally means that half of the saree is in a different fabric. After the pleats, the fabric changes to a different type which is draped around the body. There are countless styles and designs available in this style at our shop Variety Silk House in Wembley.

half and half sarees asiana

Bandhani Is Back

Bandhani is a beautiful fabric usually worn at more auspicious occasions. This season it has had a total revamp. Our half and half sarees are a modern take on bandhani, with mixes of shimmer georgette and gorgeous golden motifs adding a bit of glam to our favourite traditional fabric.

Graphic Prints

India has gone print wild and we love these subtle nods to the trend. We have embraced this trend with golden polka dots and floral golden motifs. This is an easy way to incorporate a print yet still keep a rich look to your ensemble.

Colour Candy Box

We dipped our fingers into the candy box for our colour inspiration. Bright pinks, oranges, mustards, reds and creams are big now, big next year, and the year after, and the year after... You can’t go wrong with these hues! Mustards and yellows can sometimes seem daunting to introduce into your wardrobe. So pick an outfit with a hint of yellow, such as our half and half sarees, for a flash yellow without going the full spectrum.

The Jewellery Lowdown

At Variety Silk House we are obsessed with our new range of jewellery and we could not wait to put it on the catwalk! From statement jewels to elegant pearls, check out our top picks of the jewellery world...

Nose Ring Bling

Nose rings are often associated with the classic, traditional Indian bridal look. Think of Aishwarya Rai in Devdas. But the nose ring has had a style revival this year, with the nose ring becoming a fashionable style statement in itself. When Sonam Kapoor donned one at the Cannes film festival, it cemented the nose ring’s new style status as the go-to item to give your outfit a twist! If you are not the bride and still want to rock a nose ring, just keep the rest of your jewellery simple keeping the nose ring as your statement jewellery.

Statement Necklaces

For a bold impact, we sent all our models down the catwalk with statement necklaces. From high glam chokers to long chains, there’s a statement necklace for every style. Pearl is a strong jewellery trend this coming season and our long chain necklace with pearl chains is a contemporary way to include pearls into your jewellery set.