Menswear Style with Shmoyel

Recently we caught up with our friend Shmoyel  to dress him for the season finale of Desi Rascals. We caught up  on all things style, to find out his style icons, red carpet musts and Asian style…

Menswear Style with Shmoyel Sherwani

 Above: Shmoyel dressed in our woven red Jacket with black motif work, for the finale of Desi Rascals

Do you have a style icon that you follow?
Oooh style icons that I follow. Good question! I follow Art Comes First (@artcomesfirst) they are these 2 african punk tailors, one’s from Angola and one’s from Ghana, and they have been trained in Saville Row but they break rules and their style is very catchy. They dress Yasiin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def.

What do you do to get ready for the red carpet?
I do my hair - I use Schwarzkopf Matt Clay. And then there is this moisturiser I use for my face - it’s the only one I use that I think is nice, it’s this Boots Botanics for men, it is the only one that doesn’t feel chemically on the face. Because I used to be a spotty kid so I used to have all that Clearasil stuff that never worked, but this one is good.

What’s your favourite Hollywood film?
oh god… what would you say? Because I have this thing where I watch if I like a movie I watch it a lot.
Lord of the ring is Massive. Fight club, Snatch, oh yeah all Guy Ritchie films are bad ass.

Do you have any hollywood actors that are big inspirations of yours?
I really like Christian Bale, he goes for very intense roles and he is a method actor which means he really does incorporate that character into his general lifestyle out of filming which I find very interesting. And also a bit psychotic.

What’s your favourite Bollywood film?
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Do you wear a lot of Indian clothing very often, or not so much?
I love wearing salwar kameez at home. It is just so comfortable, it feels very light.

Menswear Style with Shmoyel Sherwani

 Above: Shmoyel dressed in our Variety Silk House woven red Jacket with black motif work, for the finale of Desi Rascals

Do you have favourite colours or colour schemes that you go for?
I am very monochrome - I like black, white, grey.

What about when you are wearing Asian clothing?
I still stick to black, otherwise I go red or blue.

If you had the choice of wearing a kurt outfit or a sherwani to a party what would you prefer?
A sherwani because it feels more like a party! Like party kind of clothing. Kurtas feel a bit like too relaxed. Sherwani shows you have made more of an effort.

When it comes to accessorising, do you think less is more, or do you prefer building up a look?
I am in this weird stage right now where I have really gotten into wearing necklaces and rings. Before I was really against it, but now I really do enjoy wearing stuff. I just chuck it all on. So I’m like Mr T. and wear 4 chains at once.

Any outfit tips for men going to wedding functions this year?
Put sponges in your shoes, don’t complain about your shoes at the end of the night.
And finally… does your Variety Silk House sherwani make you feel like a Prince?
It makes me feel like a King! King of Pop, it is very Michael Jackson this one, I like it.

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