Sonam Kapoor's Unusual Dupatta Drape

Sonam Kapoor's style is strong, fierceless, and always spot on. We were lapping up all of her looks at a recent family wedding when we came across this image.


From the front it looks like she has draped her dupatta in Bollywood's favourite style - across the wrong of her garment. Her's is slightly adjusted so you can see her front of blouse and jewellery, because when your blouse is cut so well, why hide it?

sonam kapoor dupatta style

When she turns around though...

sonam kapoor dupatta drape 

She has literally tied a knot to join two corners of the dupatta behind her! This is clever styling. First of all she has created this gorgeous drape behind her. People often forget how important the back of your outfit is. Also by avoiding pinning the dupatta to the back of her blouse, here the dupatta sits away from her blouse back which is a much more flattering and natural flow.

sonam kapoor dupatta style queen

Would you try this at a wedding? We know we are going to. With this simple styling trick, you can easily uplift your lehenga and make it look way more stylish.

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Sonam Kapoor is styled by her stylish sister Rhea Kapoor, so hats off to Rhea Kapoor!