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Why is Chantilly Lace the best?

The difference between a Chantilly Lace Saree, vs a regular lace saree, is noticeable as soon as you touch the fabric.

It feels luxurious.

The tradition of lace fabrics being created in the town of Chantilly in France dates back to the 19th Century, where the lace style we see today was developed in this region. The same techniques and traditions are still being used today to create our lace saree range. We love the heritage and authenticity behind our lace sarees.

Each lace saree has been created on a loom specifically to our specifications, in comparison to a normal lace saree which has been cut from a large roll of lace, not intended for sarees.

Each colour we sell we have hand selected the thread colours that are made into the lace sarees, thus creating our unique colour range.

Soft to touch

As our sarees are made from original French Chantilly lace, they drape amazingly when worn. They hug all the right places, and you feel so comfortable when wearing them.

Unique colour range

We hand select the thread colours which are used in the looms to create our lace sarees. What does this mean? Unique colours, fresh sarees.

Original French Sarees

We often see people selling "French" lace sarees online, but we can see that it is not. We sell the authentic, real deal, French Chantilly Lace sarees. Go for the best.

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